DIPLOMA IN Yoga Therapy

[POWER YOGA, CLINICAL YOGA-ASANAS & PRANAYAM for Weight Loss, Diabetes, Heart, Face Beauty, Eyes, Pregnancy, Back Pain etc.]

Eligibility: Anybody interested in Healthcare. No specific education required.

Job / Career Opportunities: Become a Certified Yoga Trainer. Start your own Yoga studio, take workshops or work as Freelance Yoga Therapist.

Contents : (10% Theory & 90% Practical).

  • Fees: Rs.15,590/- GSTax 18% Extra
  • Days & Time : Sunday – 9am to 11am
  • Duration : 3 Months
Ideal course to do along with ‘Nutrition & Diet’,
‘Fitness’ or ‘Spa Therapy’
  • New Batches start on 22nd November
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