COSMETOLOGY COURSES (Skin, Hair & Obesity)

Q.1) After completing the Cosmetology related courses can we start our own Setup, Clinic?

A) YES you can start your own practice. All our courses are designed & conducted with that as the primary focus – to start Own practice or Get a Job. More than 1000 of India’s top Cosmetologists are our students.

Q.2) Is Tulip certificate / diploma recognised in the industry?

A) Of course yes. Our diploma is well recognised in the industry. Tulip is the pioneer in this field of Cosmetology education, when nobody was around in the year 1999, our Team of Dermatologists & Clinical Aestheticians designed these courses. We have created more than 2500 cosmetology professionals, mostly doctors.

From the above statement itself you can judge the weight of our training & our certification.

Q.3) Do we get ‘Hands On’ practice during the training?

A) Your courses at Tulip are perfectly scheduled with about 80% Practicals & 20% Theory. All the Practicals are 100% ‘Hands On’ on actual patients & actual faces & bodies.

Q.4) Would I get a Job after my Certification?

A) Been the leading cosmetology institute more than 100 cosmetology clinics contact us on regular basis to fulfil their trained professional needs. You can get good Job exposure.

Q.5) Do you provide Discounts in Fees?

A) There is a standard Discount if you join 2 courses or we offer a 3rd course Free up to the same value. Besides this encouraging & heavy Discount from our side, no further negotiations or bargaining in fees is done with anybody. This is our strict principle from the start.