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Career in Skin Aesthetics a must!

Career in Skin Aesthetics a must!

Beautiful skin is what people care about most in their body. Right from the looks to the style; everything matters to when it comes to the beauty of the skin. Every time you face any skin problem you seek a skin care specialist to get rid of the problem and attain the beauty of your skin.

Since everyone wants a beautiful skin, the demand for a cosmetologist/ beauty expert has increased rapidly. This has improved the career growth in the skin and beauty field. Here’s a guide on how a diploma in skin aesthetics will help you boost your career.

How to become skin aesthetic?

To become a skin aesthetic, you require a specialized training at skin aesthetic school or a cosmetology training center with skin care as a specialized course. You will learn knowledge about various treatment for skin.

Some of the course in skin aesthetic training are listed below:

  1. Investigation & treatment of skin in various conditions
  2. Wart & Skin Tag Removal
  3. Chemical peels
  4. Advance Chemicals Peels
  5. Acne treatment
  6. LASERS in Cosmetology Science
  7. Non-Surgical Face Uplift
  8. Micro-crystal technology
  9. Skin Enhancing
  10. Face tightening & rejuvenation

What qualities should skin aesthetician have?

A well-trained skin aesthetician must be able to work well and must have a polite approach. One must understand customer’s problems and make them feel relaxed and provide knowledge about skin care with related skin care products. One of the most important skills required are to be honest with the customer by providing detailed information about the treatment.

What are the career options available for skin aesthetician or a beautician?

After completing the course, the career option available for a skin aesthetic is that they can get different career path which may include employment in saloon, spa, and resort. With years of experience, one can also become a beauty consultant, training instructors, manicurist, pedicurists, makeup artistry or even salon and spa managers.

What is an average salary of skin aesthetic?

The average salary for a skin aesthetic would be around Rs. 20000-25000 per month.

The salary has potential to grow with the years of experience and in a reputed resorts or spa. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics said in April 2015 that it is anticipated to a 40% growth in aesthetics jobs through the year 2022.


To make a great career in this field start getting trained in a reputed cosmetology training institute is very important.