Govt. Recog. Since 1988


About 10 trainers – M. D. Dermatologists, Practising Physicians, Dieticians, Fitness Experts, International Spa & Massage Experts & Senior Management Consultants take care of the training and functioning at Tulip. No half baked nuts here.

Principal Suzette Barlin with Prof. Shridhar Kamat

Principal Suzette Barlin

Prof. Shridhar Kamat

Head – Operations & Wellness Courses

Ms. Sonali Kamat

Head – Administration and Nutrition & Cosmetology Courses

Ms.Sarthi Kamat

Administration Manager & Course Co-ordinator

Mr. Anil Rajadhyaksha

Mr. Roshan Almeida

Dr. Ashok Shetty

Dr. Prachi Prabhu

Dr. Manisha Waghdhare

Dr. Sonal Pawar

Dr. Sameera Sirguroh

Dr. Della Ashton

Dr. Manasi Malsse

Mr. Kishor Maru

Satish Jakkani