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Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics


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Online Training (Admission Open) : Online training for nutrition course is beautifully designed using the latest American software. It has Video lectures with Diagrams, Animations & Charts. Descriptive Course Books will also be sent to you to make your learning very easy.
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Duration: 6 Months.
Fees: 36,990/-

Classroom Training (Admission Open) :
Duration: 2 ½ Months.
Days & Time: Every Sundays – 9 AM to 11.30 AM
Fees: 76,990/-
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PART 1 – Nutrition Science:

  • Anatomy of Digestive Systems
    • Enzymatic Digestion, Absorption & Assimilation of nutrients.
    • Study of Macro Nutrients: Carbohydrates, Proteins, Lipids
    • Study of Micro Nutrients: Vitamins, Minerals.
    • Sports Nutrition for Fitness & Sports performance

PART 2 – Dietetics Practical:

  • Food Valuation / Analysis : – Calculation of calorific & nutritive values of food.
  • Generating nutritive recipes with proper calorific values.
  • Calculation of individual patient’s calorie requirement.
  • Menu Planning: Diet Plans for individual’s daily food intake in:

    Weight Loss / Weight Gain

    B.P. & Heart Problems

    Diabetes & Sugar Control

    Hyper Thyroid & Hypo Thyroid

    PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome)

    Pregnancy : to enhance growth of baby & health of mother.

    Lactation : to increase the quality & quantity of milk production.

    Child Health: to Improve Mental & Physical efficiency for Academics & Sports.


    Arthritis & Bone Health

Graduate in any field (Commerce, Science, Medical, Paramedic, Arts etc) or XII Sc.

Career Prospects & Work Satisfaction:
The prime importance of a Nutritious Diet for a Healthy lifestyle is acceptable to all; hence the demand for Certified Dieticians is rising greatly. Our Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics(Nutrition Course)will open tons of career opportunities for you. Start your own Diet clinic or choose to work as a Freelance Dietician or Get a Job. The respect is as good as a doctor and the earning opportunity big.

Your Course:

Our Nutrition Course covers right from Basic Nutrition Foundation to advanced Clinical Diet Planning for many health conditions ( see Contents below) PLUS Sports Nutrition, Weight Management etc. No need to do a separate foundation course and then also do different & multiple topic wise courses that not only wastes you time but also your money. At Tulip, get all subjects covered under one complete course. You get to work on many Practical Cases for getting actual experience of patient handling hence you confidently become a Dietician and have a high earning career. No internship required. Our nutrition course contents and notes are based on the latest Indian & International Nutrition Research to ensure our certified Diet Planners receive the most up-to-date information in the industry.


Our candidates who completed the nutrition course were successfully placed in the below companies:

VLCC, Talwalkars, Mickey Mehta’s 360o, Dr. Nayak’s PrettSlim, Dr. Mukherji’s Total Health, Fayth Wellness Clinic, Dr. Bhavana Shah’s Fitness Highway, Dr. Suman Agarwal’s Selfcare, Dr. Sodha’s Fat 2 Fit, Dr. Nigam’s Good Health, Dr. Geetaa Shah’s Fat Free, Shelly Khera’s Slim Sutra, Pure Energy, Ravi Krishnamurthy’s Nutrition Clinic, BodyFitness, Fit n Fine & about 50 Weight loss & Healthcare clinics.