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How to fight obesity?

Obesity is a major health problem in India. According to the report, India has the third-highest number of obese and overweight people (11 % of adolescents, and 20 % of all adults) after US and China, a recent study mapping global malnutrition trends has revealed. The main cause of obesity is the junk food that we eat which leads us to an unhealthy lifestyle. The majority of food options available today in the market are not only low in nutrition, but also high in calories.

So here we think, if we eat less we might lose weight and control ourselves from getting obese. By simply starving or going on fad diets one cannot lose weight. Losing weight doesn’t mean going hungry; it means eating well.

With the technological innovation it’s hard to imagine, waking up every morning to a newspaper anymore, thanks to smartphones! Simple physical things are being replaced with the help of technology.  We hardly climb stairs after the innovation of elevators. Technology is someway making us lazy and affecting our health adversely.

Follow these simple tips and be healthy:


1.Don’t skip breakfast
Skipping breakfast is not at all a great option. Although many of you might think that skipping breakfast will cut calories, but in reality the opposite is true. In fact, studies show that eating breakfast in the morning helps you consume fewer total calories for the day.

2.Include high fibre foods
High-fiber foods have few calories, little fat, and lots of bulk, which keeps you full. They digest slowly, which basically means you have enough blood sugar stored in your body. When you have low blood sugar you tend to get hungry. A good dose of fibre is to start your day with high-fibre is cereal.

3.Go green with leafy veggies
You can start with the salad bar. You can include greens and raw vegetables like carrots, broccoli etc. in your diet. These vegetables are extraordinarily low in calories but high in water which makes them slow-digesting fiber and keeps you filled up.


You can start following these healthy dieting tips and maintain yourselves. The Obesity Consultant with diploma in obesity management can help you lose your weight with proper diet for weight loss. You can also check a Nutritionist with a dietician and nutritionist courses to provide you a diet chart.