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3 tips to be fit and healthy

In today’s life, people are very busy in their own activities, business, jobs, etc. Thus, most of us fail to keep our body healthy and fit. We must not be only physically fit, but also mentally fit. For that we need to be always alert, active, and in a present state of mind. But is it easy to stay alert always? Only when we are fit & healthy can we be mentally sharp. We will list down some do’s and don’ts to keep your body healthy, wealthy and wise.


1. Drink plenty of water:
Water is the essential element for our healthy body, our body contains 80% of water. But don’t get confused between water and aerated drinks as the later can be unhealthy and can cause us various diseases. Water helps in digestion and overall better functioning of the body.  But how much water is enough? The answer is simple whenever you are thirsty drink water than cold drinks.

2. Eat real and fresh food:
The food which we eat must be in a form of fruits, vegetables, and packed foods. Always consume some raw food in your diet like cucumber, carrot, etc. In a study, it has been said that the people having lot of fast food and less vegetables can develop higher level of obesity. So stop eating fast food as they only make you feel full for some time and increases fats. Consuming more frequent meals is a good habit as it will keep your blood sugar levels stable and increase your metabolism. Having a healthy snack like sandwich or groundnuts or jaggery is always healthy and we never feel like empty stomach.

3. Exercise daily:
We know that exercise is very important to keep us healthy. It is one of the best practice to keep ourselves, both mentally and physically fit. You can also hire a yoga trainer to learn yoga. Try doing yoga for half an hour a day. It also significantly lowers your risk from getting cancer, heart diseases, diabetes and many more serious health conditions. Practicing yoga can also keep your brain active and can work or do things with full of concentration.


1. Don’t skip your breakfast:
Every morning people get so busy in getting ready for the office or school that they miss out their breakfast. But missing out breakfast is not good for health as you miss out the essential nutrient to kick start the metabolism for the day. In a study, it has been said that individuals having breakfast are likely to be healthier, especially, kids score better in test if they have regular breakfast.

2. Don’t sabotage yourself with sugar:
Never have excess sugar in your diet, excess sugar can cause higher risk of obesity, inflammation and high blood pressure. Packed foods flood our body with unneeded sugar. Some cold drinks contain excess sugar, which is really not healthy for our body.

3. Don’t go into week without meal plan:
Always plan a meal before a week not at the time of cooking. Plan for some healthy and yummy recipe rather than feeding your family from some packed and unhealthy food. You must always be clear with your diet plan. If you are a beginner, then it is ideal that you consult your personal & Fitness trainer.


From planning which will be the healthy recipe to cook to watch what you drink, and plan your exercise daily, health should always come first when you are making lifestyle choices. Take your first step now and see the change in your body tomorrow.