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Importance of Yoga

Yoga is not a religion, it is a way of living by which you can have a healthy body and a healthy mind. Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’. Yoga is a 5000-year-old Indian body of knowledge. Humans have three important elements, namely physical, mental and spiritual being. If all these three elements are stable, then he is always healthy.

There are various types of yoga:

1. Power Yoga
2. YogaAsna’s
3. Face Yoga
4. Netra Yoga
5. Garbha Yoga
6. Pranayama

Yoga is also known as a free medicine, but people do not believe on the powerful healing benefits of yoga. We will give you some information on the importance of yoga to increase your trust in the practice.

Importance of yoga: 

1) Weight Loss: In today’s life, people are more addicted to fast foods which leads them grow more fats in the body, sometimes sitting and working at one place for hours together may also lead to grow more fats. So, yoga practice, like Suryanamaskar or Pranayama, helps you to reduce your weight. While doing yoga, you also understand the diet which we must take to keep us constant.

2) Stress relief: Today in life, everyone encounters stress.  Stress mainly occurs due to exam load, work load and etc. When we are in stress, we keep on shouting at people unnecessarily. But yoga helps you to get relief from stress and the simple solution for it is Meditation. Keeping your body and mind in silence and closing your eyes not thinking about any problems for just for 15 minutes helps you to relieve stress.

3) Inner peace: When we go for a trip, we always plan to a place where there will be natural beauty and peace. So, why not build a same peace inside your body and stay away from disturbed mind. Try out with Pranayama and Meditation which will give you inner peace.

4) Improve Immunity: Our body is connected with each and every part, so every part of our body must be stable. An irregularity in the body may affect your mind and feel unpleasant. Yoga, meditation and breathing techniques is the best way to improve your immunity level.

5) Flexibility and strong: Including yoga in your daily routine keeps you flexible and strong. Doing suryanamaskar stretches all your body muscles, tissues and help in good circulation of blood.

So, through above points you must have understood the importance of Yoga in your daily life. Include Yoga in your daily routine and stay healthy, fit & fine. You can join a course in yoga – Diploma in Yoga Therapy – and learn In-depth of the practice.