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All you need to know about a career in massage and spa therapy

The need for massage and spa therapy trained professionals is growing in India thanks to the shifting focus on wellness by the young India. To become a certified professional, one needs to successfully complete at least a diploma degree. Although, education standards for a therapist vary according to the state, a diploma course is all you need to grab a job or set up your own massage parlor.

Once you successfully complete your diploma program, you can join five star hotels, cruise liner, gyms or spa centers as a certified massage therapist. A diploma course will introduce you to the functioning of the nervous system, muscular & skeletal systems. You will also be trained in other aspect of cosmetology, such as, body wraps, heat & steam therapies, stone therapy, mud wraps, foot spa, and body polishes. You will develop a deep understanding of human anatomy, muscles, joints and other such important aspects. You will also be introduced to the basics of sterilization and sanitation.

Reasons to join this industry

The beauty sector is growing immensely and today it is not just pertaining to the external beauty but also focuses on the overall wellness of an individual’s mind, body and soul. This has led to the growth of massage and spa therapy that focuses on healing a person’s mind and body. Basically, it is a relaxation technique that makes use of touch to manipulate the soft tissues in the body. It is not just a branch of body rejuvenation, but, today is considered as an important alternative to treat several health issues, such as pain, injuries, stress, improving mental health and overall wellness of a person. It improves the overall health of a person with the use of different types of oils and lotions that are used for a soothing massage. Anybody who wants to make a career in this field can pursue a diploma in massage and spa therapy, which will open a lot of employment opportunities for an individual.

In conclusion

A diploma in massage and spa therapy from a reputed institute can make your career as a masseuse. For a trained professional, the job opportunities are immense. With patience, dedication and a desire to heal, you can be a massage therapist. If you nurture an open mind that is willing to heal others, then you should consider joining this industry. Make sure to enroll with an institute that offers placement assistance.