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Are you looking for a career in massage and spa therapy?

The beauty sector is growing by leaps and bounds with services expanding to include not just the beauty aspects but the overall health of mind and body. One such branch that has grown immensely in the recent times is the massage and spa therapy. It is a relaxation technique that uses touch to manipulate the soft tissues in the body. It is booming as an alternative treatment to deal with issues such as relieving pain, healing injuries, relieving stress, improving mental health and overall wellness of a person. A massage therapist makes use of different types of oils and lotions for a soothing massage that may last anywhere between few minutes to an hour. If you are looking to make a career as a masseuse, you can pursue a diploma in massage and spa therapy and set up your own spa center.

Massage and Spa Therapy Training Courses

To certify as a trained professional, you require to successfully completing at least a diploma degree. Typically, education standards for a therapist may vary according to the state, but a diploma course is a good enough certification to get you a job or set up your own massage center. On a successful completion of a diploma program, you can work as a certified massage therapist in a cruise liner, gym, hotels, and spa centers or even be a freelancer. As part of your diploma training, you will be trained on the functioning of the nervous system, muscular & skeletal systems. These programs will also train you in other aspect of cosmetology training, such as, heat & steam therapies, body wraps, hot stone therapy, foot spa, mud wraps and body polishes. The basics of sterilization and sanitation are also covered in these diploma programs.


A career as a massage/spa therapist is a promising one, but you require a lot of patience and dedication if you want to taste success. Your physical Fitness should be at par and you should nurture an open mind that is willing to help others heal. Excellent communication skills and time management will help you set up your own parlor in the long run. Join a diploma in massage and spa therapy and develop a thorough knowledge on human anatomy, muscles, joints and other such important aspects. For a trained professional, the job prospects are innumerous. Join an institute of repute and take the first step towards a successful career.