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Are you planning to pursue a diploma in nutrition?

Are you obsessed with healthy eating? Do you want to make a career as a nutritionist? Today, the world is health-conscious and people have awakened to the fact that healthy eating can contribute a long way in leading a happy and long life. Hence, diet consultants and planners are mushrooming in every part of the globe to help people plan an appropriate diet that helps them to lead a healthy life. To become a nutritionist, you require a certain level of education and experience. A formal certification is essential to practice as a nutritionist. To pursue a diploma in nutrition, you require being a graduate. Some institutions offer the course to twelfth pass candidates as well.

Curriculum of nutrition diploma

There is no standard course of content for a diploma in nutrition and the content may vary based on the state you stay. The content will revolve around two aspects that cover the key topics around diet and nutrition.

Nutrition science

The content will include the study of:

  • Study of physiology: This will cover the human anatomy – digestive, and respiratory systems.
  • Study of macro & micro nutrients: Carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, minerals and vitamins
  • Study of enzymatic digestion: The will cover on absorption & assimilation of nutrients.

Dietetics Practical

Food valuation –

Here, you will learn to calculate calorie and nutritive values of different food. Through the practical’s, you will learn to calculate an individual’s calorie intake and the gap between required intake. After the analysis, you can plan an individual’s daily diet so that it meets the calorie requirement.

Diseases and the role of food –

Lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, are usually caused by poor dietary choices. Hence, a nutritionist needs to understand the link between different food and diseases. How eating right can solve most health problems is what a diploma in nutrition will make you understand. Here, you will cover common health issues, such as anemia, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, PCOS, lactation, pregnancy, weight loss & gain, child health and other lifestyle disorders.


Healthcare & wellness training institutes specialize in providing a diploma in nutrition and diet planning. Find an institute of repute and get your admission. It is best to choose an institute that offer placement with big brands. You can gain a certain experience working in companies and can move on to set up your independent office. Career opportunities in this industry are immense.