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There are hundreds of reviews that we receive regularly, below are only a few due to lack of space and the limited reading time that people tend to spend on the net.





Tulip is very proud of all our ex-students, many of them do give us their reviews, testimonials and feedback. Some of them have been presented here under. Thanks to all of them.

Tulip is proud of our students who have made it big & started own centres

These are only a few names, more than 1000 Tulip students have started their own setup as Fitness Studios, Diet & Weight Loss clinics, Cosmetology Clinics & Massage & Spa centres.

* Dr. Amit Karkhanis (Dr. Tvacha)  * Dr. Puneet Nayak (PreetiSlim)  * Dr. Vidyut Sodha (Fat 2 Fit)  * Dr. Bhavna Shah (Fitness Highway)  * Dr. Sonal Doshi (Trinity)  * Mr. Abhineet Gupta (Poison, Bhopal)  * Dr. Simple Aher (Skin Lounge)  * Dr. Kshitija Rao (Perfect Image)  * Dr. Rupali Warty (Purity)  * Dr. Divya (Dr Nigam’s Good Health)  * Ms. Avantii Kalele Bhatkar (Dazzle)  * Ms. Shelly Khera (Slim Sutra)  * Dr. Sharda Shirke (Skin Vitals)  * Dr. Sadhana Mhatre (Clear Image)  * Dr. Monica Jacob (JM Medical)  * Dr. Sonali Mane (Skin Shine)  * Dr. Nita Narke (Beauty Clinic, Kolhapur)  * Ms. Simran Chotiaramani (Simran’s)  * Dr. Priya Weling & Dr. Sadhana Pawar (Rejuve)  *  Dr. Devendra Bhanushali (Shape Up)  * Dr. Geeta Shah (Fat Free)  * Mr. Ravi Krishnamurty (Nutri clinic)  * Ms. Lataa Sheth (Lifestyle centre)  * Dr. Jasbir Kaur Karel (Dermaessentia)  * Dr. Neha Gogia (Metamorphosis)  * Dr. Amrapali Patil (Trim & Tone)  * Dr. Rohini Muley (Ageless Cosmetic)  * Mr. Riddesh Jani (Sketch Cosmetology)  * Dr. Uma Shah (Cosmeto-Clinic)  * Ms. Disha Shah (Perfect Curve)  * Dr. Charushila Dalavi (True Skin)  * Dr. Surjeet Bawa (Ultra Slim)  * Ms. Lavi (Deep Wave- Hair, Pune)  * Dr. Armaan Shaikh (Cosmetic Clinic)  * Dr. Alafiya Sogiawala (Lucky Clinic)  * Dr. Swati Pradhan (Live Light)  * Dr. Sameera Sirguroh (Wellness Clinic)  * Dr. Prakash Trivedi (IVF Specialist)  *Dr. Chamaria (Royal Dental Implants)  * Ms. Sunaina Tijo (Evolette Wellness)  * Dr. Rashmi Girap(Skinature)  * Dr. Baswant Ashthekar (Live Young, Belgaum)  * Dr. Ajitem Joshi (Midas Touch, Nasik)  * Keyuri Dharod (Classy Weight Loss)  * Rashmy Naik (The Skin Studio)